The British colonized Malawi and other Southeast African countries in the late 19th century. When the British claimed Malawi as a colony, they also introduced a thriving black market for gambling there. But how about the current state of gambling? How does it compare to before?

It’s better than it was, to be sure, but it’s still not on level with the rest of Africa. Because of this, we’ve compiled this guide to assist you in making your selection of the top online casino Malawi has to offer. We’ll cover every base together. Let’s not waste any more time and go in.

Gambling in Malawi: A Brief History

After the passage of the Gambling Act in 1996, gambling could legally operate throughout the country. The National Lotteries Board (NLB), which oversaw the country’s lottery, was established at the same time as the Malawi Gaming Board (MGB).

In 2001, officials noted some overlap in the missions of the two groups. That’s why they all rolled into one to become the Malawi Gaming Board and Lotteries Authority (MALGA). Currently in Malawi, MALGA oversees all forms of gambling.

Legal Gambling in Malawi

All gambling in Malawi is supervised and governed by MALGA. It grants licenses to operators, checks the machines, and guarantees a level playing field for all gamblers.

All national lottery operations are also MALGA’s responsibility. The nation operates a statewide lottery. Most players choose this one above others that boast to be the best online lottery.

The government does not have any laws governing online gambling. However, customers are free to gamble at casinos in any country they like.

Casinos on Solid Ground in Malawi

Casinos have lagged behind despite the fact that gambling has been allowed for quite some time. In Malawi, gamblers can visit one of only five brick-and-mortar establishments. The city of Lilongwe is home to the lion’s share of Malawi’s gambling establishments.

There may only be five casinos in Malawi, but the spectacular and fascinating games they provide more than make up for the small number. Quite a few alternatives exist. This ensures that no one will ever get bored while gambling.

Online Gambling in Malawi: What’s Next?

The percentage of people who have access to the internet has increased over the years. However, at 20.2%, it is far lower than in most countries in the region. The current trends suggest that internet gambling in Malawi does not have a promising future.


The country is slowly but surely making its way toward legalizing all forms of gambling, including online gambling. Online gambling will be legalized and regulated soon. Keeping this in mind, we suggest that Malawians try their luck at online casinos.


Please take a peek at our Frequently Asked Questions area. It should answer any remaining queries and clarify any remaining confusion.

Can a person play at an internet casino in Malawi without breaking the law?

Malawi has no laws governing online gambling. In addition, there are no domestic online service providers. That’s how things stand right now. However, the current state of affairs is expected to alter soon. Although it is legally illegal to gamble online in Malawi, gamblers are permitted access to international online sites, making online casinos accessible to them.

In Malawi, where can I find the greatest online casino?

The best gambling establishment for one person may not be the best for another. The best casino is subjective, depending on the player’s preferences. However, JackpotCity casino comes highly recommended as it appears to excel at every facet of the gambling industry.

Where can I find the highest paying online casinos in Malawi?

You should focus on high payout games if you want to maximize your winnings. But where do you even begin to hunt for such games? We advise Mansion Casino for people who can’t make up their minds. This gambling establishment is also known as a high RTP casino due to the exceptionally high RTP rate its games offer.






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