Slot Overview: Stargate Megaways

Affa, Kree! From the developers of SG Digital comes an online slot sure to send sci-fi lovers into a frenzy. Branded slot machine based on the movie starring Kurt Russell as Colonel Jack O’Neil, the crew-cut, take-no-crap army officer charged with researching the alien realm of Abydos. The slot machine is named Stargate Megaways. To go there, groups must enter specific sequences of symbols into an old apparatus called a Stargate. It was followed by several films and the massively popular television shows Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe, with a total of over $200 million in box office earnings.

The Stargate franchise was immensely popular at the time, and we could spend hours discussing its mythos, characters, and story arcs. But we’ll try our best to focus on the hole so you can move on with your life. From the Abydos planet load screen to the SGC Command base game one thousand meters below Cheyenne Mountain, fans will feel right at home. Like other Megaways slots, Stargate Megaways features a 6-reel main grid and a 4-position horizontal reel located in the middle of the Stargate, or Chappa’ai as the Goa’uld call it. Stargate Megaways offers a nice first impression, especially for fans of the film or any of its numerous spin-offs, thanks to the inclusion of the film’s epic score.

The good news is that the behind-the-scenes action is just as promising if you enjoy what’s occurring up front. There are several ways to dial up the gate, each of which results in a different RTP. The base rate of return, when allowed to play normally, is 96%, but the rate of return, when the Buy Pass is activated, ranges from 96.13% to 96.78%. This very risky game may be played on any device with a bet of 20 percent up to ten pounds or euros each spin.

Depending on the outcome of the current game round, anything from two to seven symbols may show on the two outer reels, two to six on the inner four reels, and four additional symbols atop the screen. With these parameters, we can generate 324–117,649 unique winning permutations. There are 10 pay symbols on the grid, of which five are 9s.Pyramid, sarcophagus, Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neil, and Ra are at the top of the hierarchy, with a card at the bottom. Six of a kind wins between 0.5 and 0.8 times the stake on the low end, and between 1.5 and 10 times the bet on the high end. Insane symbols can be seen in an Eye of Ra pendant. They are worthless on their own but may be substituted for other symbols to create winning combinations.

Slot Highlights from Stargate Megaways

Stargate Megaways utilizes cascades—a staple of the Megaways genre—to move players from the game’s foundational levels to its bonus stages. When a winning combination is formed, the cascade feature eliminates the corresponding symbols and replaces them with fresh tiles that have fallen from above. If this results in another victory, the cascading effect will be activated once again.


A trail with nine splits runs to the left of the Stargate. After each successful cascade, the trailing position advances by one. After completing segment 5, you will receive a random modifier, and after completing level 7, you will receive a bonus. You may only use the trail in the main game, and it will be cleared at the beginning of each paid spin.

The Modifiers Trail: 5

After any wins have been paid out and the trail reaches its fifth section, one of the following modifiers is triggered at random:

Reels 2 through 5 may receive an additional 1-6 wild symbols at random.

Constantly growing reels generate 117,649 possible combinations of winning symbols.

Reel 2, Reel 3, Reel 4, or Reel 5 might become a Wild Reel.

Up to 10 randomly selected symbols in view are changed to the same symbol type when you use the Mystery Symbols feature.

By pressing the Reset button, the board’s symbols are erased and replaced with fresh ones.

Freebie Item

Bonus spins are awarded for completing levels 7, 8, and 9 of the trail, with 5, 6, and 7 spins awarded for each level. The next step is to open 7 sealed doors, which may provide either nothing or more bonuses:

Free games with the addition of 1–25 regular games.

Free spins wins are multiplied by this amount.

Each each spin assures a rise in the number of possible outcomes, up to a maximum of 117,649.

The number of respawned free spins is reset if the Eye of Ra symbol appears on reel 6.

Prizes in Cash – Cash payouts ranging from 5x to 100x the initial wager.

Extra wilds appear on the first reel (‘Wild Gates’).

When a wild symbol lands on the reels, it might grow to span the entire reel. This rule applies only to reels 2–5.

To Purchase a Pass

If this option is there, gamers can pay to advance along the route. You can choose between Acts 5, 7, 8, or 9 at a price of 31.5x, 45.5x, 72.5x, or 123.5x your original wager, respectively.

Final Say on the Stargate Megaways Slots

If you’re already a fan of the brand, you’ll probably like the finished product more than someone who isn’t. Stargate Megaways makes an excellent initial impression because to its varied and interesting usage of sights and characters from both within and beyond the Stargate universe, as well as its inspiring score. Bonus round transitions via the Stargate are exciting, and SG Digital’s cinematic adaptation is convincing enough that you can suspend disbelief for a time. They’ve done a fantastic job, and all Stargaters should appreciate it.

There were a few hiccups here and there, and although they didn’t detract too much from the experience as a whole, they might have been handled better to boost overall satisfaction. Some examples of this would be getting a little more out of the theme during major victory count ups, or giving the achievement of a section 5 modifier a little more pizazz. It wouldn’t have harmed if SG had just done away with the cash prize bonus pick and put the money on the reels or found some other way to award it.

There are some problematic plot points, but the good much outweighs the bad, and there are plenty of fun Stargate moments. Bonuses activated by consecutive cascades are nothing new; games as disparate as Reel King Megaways have included this mechanic. It fits in well here, and the way it winds around the Stargate is aesthetically pleasing. While not trivial, getting to segments 7, 8, or 9 wasn’t as difficult as it seemed at first. Along the way, the game is kept lively by a variety of modifiers and cascade sequences, and getting the proper combination of symbols may lead to a maximum payout of €250,000 (or 25,000 times the maximum wager).

It’s hard to believe that over 30 years passed between the premiere of Stargate the movie in 1994 and the introduction of this online slot. Evidently, many people found inspiration in the Stargate series. Please explain. Why else would anybody watch Stargate: Atlantis, despite the fact that several of the planets looked like they might have been filmed in Canada, if not for the romanticism of discovery and the confidence that we aren’t alone in the cold, dark universe? Whatever it is, the reels of SG Digital’s branded slot machine do a fantastic job of recreating the enchantment. Fans shouldn’t have a hard time looking beyond the vehicle’s imperfections in order to enjoy the ride that lies beneath.






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