Intertops Evaluation

Embrace my evaluation of Intertops! Sincerely, I have been eagerly anticipating this evaluation for quite some time. This brand has a rich history, and its ownership has changed on multiple occasions. The primary inquiry that I aim to address in this review is whether the concerns that are frequently discussed on wagering forums have been resolved, and whether this site is deserving of my recommendation.

As I prepared to spend several hours with this organization, I had no idea what I would discover. As with all of my evaluations, I approached this one with an entirely receptive mindset. My only objective is to provide my readers with thorough, unbiased evaluations of wagering sites; this review is no different. Continue reading to discover what I discovered.

A Brief Overview of Intertops

If you are acquainted with the name Intertops, this should not come as much of a surprise.
The establishment of the organization occurred in 1996, coinciding with the emergence of the online gambling industry. Initially, its main focus was as a sports wagering organization. However, as you will observe, the company has since diversified its range of products.

Ownership of the business has changed hands throughout the years, and the current entity is a St. Kitts-based organization known as Thinkquick Ltd. Although the transition of ownership invariably elicits apprehension, the available information regarding the present ownership, whether favorable or unfavorable, is limited. Therefore, I shall refrain from further elaboration at this time.

Over the years, the company has had a love/hate relationship with the United States. Initially, the organization welcomed American players; however, subsequent to an ownership transition and the implementation of the UIGEA, it ceased accepting such players. The organization is currently accepting participants from the United States, at least for the time being.

Book of Sportsbook

As previously stated, Intertops originated as a sportsbook and even asserts the distinction of having processed the initial online sports wager. Today, despite offering a vast array of other products, the company remains firmly focused on athletics.

Although the interface at Intertops exhibits signs of its age in certain areas, it functions satisfactorily for an in-house product. Upon accessing the sports section of the website, I was redirected to a screen that essentially encapsulated all the attributes that I seek in a sportsbook. Highlighted odds are displayed in the center of the screen, while a catalog of the most frequently placed wagers appears on the right-hand side.

It took me a moment to realize that Intertops did not offer any esports wagering options. These events, which present a platform for the site to attract new participants, are gaining significant popularity among a younger wagering demographic. This is yet another area in which the site fell short of my expectations.

Establishment: Casino

The casino product offered by Intertops has undergone the most significant evolution in recent years. Firstly, it is pertinent to discuss the layout of the casino page.
In reality, two casinos can be found: the Red Casino and the Classic Casino. Each is provided by a unique provider, which theoretically increases the number of games available to you by twofold. It should not be difficult to integrate both casinos into a single foyer, although I will refrain from evaluating them individually with the exception of the slots catalog.






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